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Recently, while searching WiredSafety I found the report on the pedophile that was fined a very small amount of money for raping 9 girls.

My initial reaction was "Why hasn't this guy been charged for ruining these girls lives?" Basically, I felt as if he had been let off Scott-free.

When a pedophile abuses a young girl, especially one whom she may have thought was a younger person if she met them off the Internet, her self-esteem crashes and her trust in most people will die. If something as bad as rape happens there is no forgetting it because, it will always be there to haunt you. It can ruin future relationships, damage concentration or even drive a person to becoming mentally ill. Basically when a pedophile has attacked you, it can ruin your life.

Personally I can understand if what they did was a very minor offense and no physical abuse was caused then a small fine (such as the pedophile from Parry's article received) would be satisfactory, but I feel it to be a great injustice when 9 young girls are raped and their lives ruined that the pedophile should only receive a small fine. In this case two crimes were committed, not only did the guy rape people but he raped people who are not even legally old enough to have sex. Normal rape damages people's lives enough, yet when it is younger people, who are not physically or even mentally ready to have sex it can really mess their lives up.

I remember watching a program on pedophile. There were a group of pedophiles that about twenty-five years ago raped a lot of girls, who were mainly under the age of ten. Only one of them got sent to prison and it was for a mere ten years. Again I find this to be a great injustice and danger. If the law is letting pedophiles off so easily then they are still out there attacking younger people. It is only when they are locked away that we are safe, and with the added invention of the Internet, the number of victims is increasing rapidly and the law is doing little to help.

On a final note, I think that the law should look at the psychological damage caused to the victims of pedophiles and give them a prison sentence, keeping in mind the physical and mental damage that they would still be capable of if they were not behind bars.


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