NCH report on child abuse, child pornography and the Internet

WiredSafety volunteers devote their lives to stopping child pornography. John Carr is a friend of both WiredSafety and its Executive Director. It is good to know that we have international cooperation in the fight against child pornography. While we appreciate John’s frustration with what he sees as the lack of U.S. enforcement of child pornographers from the United States, I can assure him that law enforcement and child protection groups put this problem front and center. Our studies of the thousands of child pornography sites we find and report to law enforcement show that most come from Russia, the former Eastern Bloc and Asia, not the United States. But one child being abused is too many. We welcome the assistance of John and the Task Force (of which WiredSafety is a part on cybercrime and child protection issues), and hope that together we can halt the horrible torture and abuse of children, on camera and off.

Behind Every Picture Campaign PosterNCH report on child abuse, child pornography and the Internet
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Behind Every Picture There's Pain is our campaign against child pornography
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Parry Aftab
Executive Director
WiredSafety Group

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January 12th 2004
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