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Introducing Belle - Chief Volunteer Operations Officer & Member of the Execs!

Belle works for WiredSafety totally on a volunteer basis! When asked how many hours a week they volunteer for the world's largest Internet help and safety organization, they answer, "how many hours are there in a week?" Their job entails everything from answering inquiries from prospective members/volunteers, enrolling new members, maintaining the volunteer database, answering questions and assisting old & new members with many things -- generally pointing people in the right direction. They are assisted by Rads & Koala Bear. It seems that Rads, Koala Bear & Belle have become such a team that it's hard to tell where one person's job ends and the other one begins.

The easiest part of the job for Belle is welcoming new members and receiving thanks from people they have assisted in some way. Belle shares, "I love to see enthusiastic members skip through their classes, and I love to see the happiness a new member feels when something that they had previously had difficulties getting the hang of suddenly becomes clear to them."

But Belle's job isn't always easy, such as when they have to refuse membership on the occasion where people, for whatever reason, don't qualify to join us, or, when they have to inform a member that their 'services are no longer required'. Even though it is for the welfare of the whole organization, it's not always pleasant, Belle admits.

What would happen to WiredSafety is Belle's job ceased to exist? WiredSafety would cease to exist. Because it is an online organization, it needs one central area to keep all the threads together and Belle's job is the only job in WiredSafety that can see who all the members are and which teams they work with. All the Divisions work separately from the others so the Volunteer Division is the only one able to track the entire membership of WiredSafety. On a more personal note, if their job ceased to exist, Belle admits that they would be lost and not know what to do with all their spare time!

What does Belle do in their spare time? Since they live in Australia, Queensland, to be exact (on the east coast and semi-tropical) they are lucky enough to live on the outskirts of a town, and on top of a mountain so we have a wildlife corridor nearby, and they often see Wallabies in my backyard, the occasional echidna and lots of bandicoots. Plus, they get to feed about 20 rainbow lorikeets on their back verandah most afternoons, and possums come to their back door looking for food all the time!

The best part of the job? According to Belle, it's "all of it except the difficult bits I just mentioned! I love being Chief Volunteer Operations Manager. I think it's one of the best jobs in the whole organization!!!"

Thanks Belle for all you do to keep WiredSafety going!

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