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Contacting Parry

Parry Aftab, Esq.Ms. Aftab can be reached at

Parry Aftab
96 Linwood Plaza
Ft. Lee, NJ 07024-3701
Phone: 201-463-8663
Fax: 201-670-7002

If there is an emergency, and Parry is traveling, in her absence, Kelley is the head honcho. E-mail her at:

Note that Parry does not accept phone calls reporting online crimes, which must be sent via WiredSafety's tiplines. If you call her with an online crime, other than a child abduction, she will refer you to the online tipline. If you have a missing/abducted child, please contact your local law enforcement agency and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at, or 1-800-thelost.

Can I send her a long e-mail?

- Sure, but no matter how long your e-mail is, her answer is generally no more than a few words. Sometimes it is only a :), but know that she read the entire e-mail.

Does Parry read and answer her own e-mails, or does someone do that for her?

- Parry reads all of her own e-mails. She answers them herself too, unless the answer is better coming from someone else.

- You can always tell that Parry has personally answered your e-mail because the spelling and typos are her calling card. :) If she doesn't reply, even with a :), she didn't get your e-mail. Please resend it.

How can Parry handle as many e-mails as she gets?

- According to Parry, she has no life. :) If she ever starts dating again, forget it! :)

I sent Parry an e-mail and asked her five questions. She sent me back a reply saying "yes." What does that mean?

- It means the answer to your last question is "yes." Parry only answers the last question in any e-mail, not on purpose though. :) Those who know her best include only on question per e-mail and keep it short. :)

If I don't understand Parry's reply, what should I do?

- Contact Kelley or any other certified Parry translator.

But seriously folks!!!!

I sent Parry an e-mail and she responded, but when I followed up, she didn't remember our correspondence. What should I do?

- Make sure you include a copy of prior correspondence in the text of your e-mail. Parry will remember the communication once she sees that.

- Parry reads and responds to a thousand e-mails a day, and can't remember all of them without the reminder of prior e-mails

I sent Parry an attachment and she never opened it!

- Parry doesn't open attachments sent to her unless she is expecting them from that sender.

- Give the number of e-mails Parry has to read each day, it's best to include the attachment in the text of the e-mail itself, if you want her to review it quickly.

I sent Parry an e-mail and someone else replied.

- Parry reads each e-mail sent to her. - She also personally replies to each, unless the reply is more complete or better coming form someone else. - For example, if someone e-mails her to report a child pornography site, she may just forward it to the KIDlist team director for review and to reply.

- Sometimes she will copy them on her reply, introducing the sender and the person they should be working with.

I hear that Parry gets 1,000's of e-mails every day, I hate to bother her.

- Parry welcomes hearing from you. (She has no life, remember :) ) - She hates chain e-mails and jokes that are forwarded, since it takes up so much time, though. - Don't listen to anyone who tells you not to bother her with an e-mail unless it's Parry herself. :) - If you don't get a reply, she didn't get your e-mail.