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Kelley Beatty

Well our wonderful Webmaster finally pinned me down this morning after me working midnights to write this bio. And due to the lack of sleep I agreed (lol).

My name is Kelley Beatty, but I have many roles in life. The most important one being a mother to a beautiful talented daughter of 20 and a beautiful little girl of 6, yeah I know big age difference, long story. I am also blessed to have been a stepmom for the last 19 years. My second role is that of a wife for the last 19 years, a wonderful caring man named Ron. Then there is my part time nursing job, something else I adore. O.K., I will be honest here, the career of Nursing in Canada has taken a serious crash over the last 5 years. Politics and budgeting are now #1 priority it seems rather than our patients. Hope I don't sound too bitter here, one on one with my patients I absolutely love what I do.

Then there is WiredSafety where I sit as the Deputy Executive Director under our wonderful leader Parry Aftab.

WiredSafety is both the toughest and easiest job I have ever done in my life. I have been online for about 6 years now, and after having been stalked for 3 months myself about 4 years ago I sought help from the angels. They not only helped me to stop the stalking, they taught me more and more skills in how to stay safe and how to help others stay safe when online. Once bitten by the online safety bug I kind of got a little obsessive about it, reading and learning everything I could get my hands on. The Internet is the most powerful of communication tools. To think you can reach out and touch someone's life in a positive manner that you have never met, never will meet or even talk to, is just unbelievable.

I started out in WiredSafety on the IRC team and after some serious training joined the ranks of OP's (channel operators) in the WiredSafety channel on dalnet. Then I became manager of dalnet channel for about 6 months before meeting Parry Aftab. This lady soon became my mentor (I call her Yoda) and taught me more than I could ever imagine, and challenged me in ways I did not think were possible. She believed in me so much that I eventually started believing in myself and my ability to lead and gradually moved through the ranks to where I am today.

WiredSafety is as much a part of my life as family and many of the members are like family to me. We have the best group of volunteers in the world and they are always there to reach out with a hand when I ask them for help. So here it is over 4 years later and I go from sitting in a channel chatting to having my picture in Readers Digest, it still blows me away. To be given this opportunity to use my skills to help others in need is all I have ever wanted to do with my life. It is what life is about. So with that said I will leave you with the poem that I try to live by:

You make a living from what you get,
You make a life from what you give,
Whatever you do for yourself dies with you,
Whatever you do for others in the world is immortal

Thank you to all my WiredSafety for your unending giving of yourselves.

Kelley Beatty,
Deputy Executive Director,