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Accessibility and user preference

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We are committed to making our Web sites accessible to all users and we welcome comments or suggestions on access improvements. Please send your feedback to:

We provide the information on this page because, we want you to be able to enjoy our Web site with the minimum of fuss

Access Keys

When you follow this link: Accessibility, found throughout our sites, or when you use the key combination Alt-0 (Windows) or Ctrl-0 (Macintosh) you will activate the link back to this page. A full list of keyboard shortcuts for this Web site is available below. Depending upon your browser type use one of the following:

Text Size and Appearance

Use the "Style Selector" menu below to alter the appearance of this Web site to suit your viewing preferences (JavaScript required). If you wish to change the text size that you use to view our pages independently, then you can do that using your browser's text size settings feature.

Style Selector

Select your preferred viewing option for this site from a choice of several styles to suit you.

Browser settings

Accessibility resources

A note about JavaScript and cookies

We do use JavaScript throughout this Web site. If possible, please enable JavaScript now. If you cannot or prefer not to use JavaScript, this Web site will function perfectly well without it. This page sets and tests the functionality of the JavaScript customization facility. This customization method only works if JavaScript is installed and the pages should degrade gracefully without JavaScript. The customization method also sets a cookie to remember the stylesheet settings. The related activity at our Web site is not being tracked or stored.

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