WiredSafety is the news and media resource for most news and entertainment networks, publications and broadcast and cable media. We appear in hundreds of articles and TV shows every year. We are selected as the media experts more often than all other cybersafety experts combined. Why? Because we can address all digital risks, for all demographics and digital devices, websites, social networks and technologies. We are cyberlaw and cybercrime experts. We are privacy and security experts. We are educators. We are seniors, parents, grandparents, young adults, teens and tweens. We cyberdate, buy and sell online, use all gaming devices and enjoy digital technology. We are Mac, Linux and PC users, Droid and iPhone users, DS, DSi and 3DS users. We love Wii, really love Kinect and are connected through our game devices to NetFlix, and web content. We sit on Facebook's International Safety Advisory Board (an uncompensated position), MTV's AThinLine Advisory Board and our advice and help is sought by every leaing industry member and most entertainment companies too.

WiredSafety has been around since 1995 through our dedicated volunteers. We were there when the Web began and through each of its evolutions. We were the first group to work with social networks (as early as February 2005), cell phone providers and game companies. We began helping Disney in 1999, and Facebook in June 2005. When you're there first, you learn the hard way. That's why we are as good as we are. That's why everyone calls us first when looking for expertise. We deliver what they need, help them conceptualize segments and documentaries. We take complicated issues and make them look easy.

You can see some of our media appearances at Parry Aftab's common Sense to CyberSense Blog . You will soon be able to access a private page just for members of the media registered with us to brief you on break news, provide trend alerts, our research and story ideas. To sign up, visit our Contacts Page. You must have media credentials to qualify. We welcome freelancers, high school and college news reporters as well.

We are regulars on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, CNN International, CBC, CTV, Dr. Phil and others. We appear in every major news magazine, People, Readers Digest, Seventeen, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, Teen Vogue, US News & World Report, Newsweek, Time Time for Kids, Scholastic, Prevention, Good Housekeeping, Biography and others. Every major newspaper in the US and in Canada have come to us for expertise as well. We have done major documentaries, specials and most TV shows that cover relevant issues. We work with Lifetime as an expert for their TV movies. We also consult with series producers and screenwriters in helping them develop more authentic storylines.

Media on a deadline may call 201-670-7250. (Those with whom we have a relationship with will be given Parry's direct cell number to make sure that they can always reach her in a crunch.) Everyone else should send an email to or . Please send your location and timing details, as well as your affiliation. We have executives and spokespeople on both coasts and many places in between, the UK, Spain and Canada. We can also appear by Skype or video-conferencing, if necessary. We're here to help everyone understand how to be safer and more responsible while enjoying digital technologies. Sharing this information with the public meets both the mission of WiredSafety and reporting agencies and media. It's a win/win! Check back soon for a list of some of our media appearances.