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Getting Wiredsafety's Help and Support

Before you access any of our website resources or ask for our help, you should once again review our terms of service and privacy policy which apply to everyone who uses our site or services as a condition to their use. Whether you read them or not, note that they bind you in the same way all contracts do. If you don't agree with their terms, please exit our site and do not seek our help. Your proceeding is evidence of your agreement to their terms.

Our help and support services and features are not links to police or law enforcement agencies. They are not intended to replace law enforcement or emergency 911, 999 and other similar services worldwide. They are intended to provide support for people who have been victimized by cyberabuse or otherwise hurt online or through the use of digital technologies.

Our site and volunteers are committed to helping people learn where and how to get help when they are being victimized online, and to provide support when it is needed. We respect and work closely with law enforcement around the world, but all crimes must be reported directly to your local or otherwise applicable law enforcement agency by you. We will not forward police reports for you.


Before you can receive our help or support, WiredSafety requires that all cybercrimes are first reported to police and when offline threats or risks of offline harm or sexual exploitation online are involved that local law enforcement be notified before we can offer assistance to the victim.

We do not handle missing children cases. If you are seeking to report a missing child or person case, please contact your local law enforcement agency or your missing children reportline. In the United States, this is the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (1-800-thelost or cybertipline.com). For a list of missing children helpines in other countries, visit Where and How to Report a Crime Online. [lnk]
Important note about reporting cyberabuse that involves any offline risk:

You must contact law enforcement in your area prior to our accepting any case for any cybercrime or for any cyberabuse that involves any offline threats, risk of offline harm or sexual exploitation online. This includes death threats, child abductions, and Internet predators where they have information as to where a victim can be reached offline. It also includes solicitations posted or communicated online to have third parties harm the target offline.

Note that in such cases we will assist law enforcement at their request, which must be submitted through our WiredCops' liaison. All official inquiries must be submitted using official law enforcement authority email or letterhead and must be authorized by the responsible parties. (Members of law enforcement should use our WiredCops links to get help when it is needed. [wiredcops.org])

WiredPatrol Division Help Options

WiredSafety volunteers offer different forms of help and support depending on your needs, your role and situations. These range from:

Some are provided through our live support channel volunteers in an open chat environment (the "WiredSafety Support Channel"), some are provided in a one-to-one support feature and others provided by email.